Farmer for the Day

Visitors can play "Farmer for the Day" and learn what it feels like to make and eat traditional home-cooked food. Simply nowhere else in Shkodër can you 'live life' on an organic farm. Families enjoy the Farm Experience, visit the mini Poultry, while little farmers (ages 6-12) can enjoy fun-filled activities including dough and baking, picking vegetables and preparing dishes for their healthy lunch at Gardenland.


An unforgettable experience awaits tennis enthusiasts at Gardenland Resort. The green tennis court complies with international standards. The field, equipment and lighting service are at your disposal.


Adventurers looking for something a little different to do can enjoy one of the exciting fishing activities in our abundant waters. Whether you are an amateur or a professional in this activity, we promise that you will have an unforgettable experience.


One of the most favorite ways to explore places is through cycling. Cycling at Gardenland Resort is an amazing experience and we welcome you to explore our beautiful countryside.


With a unique shape, a surface of 1400 m2 and a capacity of 800 people, with a filtration system according to European standards and a hydromassage tub, the pool is the favorite destination for children and adults during the summer season.


"Ndre Mjeda" Museum

The church, slightly attached to the slope, from where you can see the whole field, was built 100 or so years ago; around 1906, it was designed and its construction started by the parish priest of the town, Dom Ndre Mjeda. He spent thirty years of his life there; there he wrote and polished his lyrics and melodies, pearls of Albanian literature, there he wrote the poems "Andrra e Jetës", "Lissus", "Shkodra" he wrote Albanian language books for students; there he exchanged the correspondence with Gustav Majer and other albanologists and linguists, his European friends. He lived and served there as a priest during the years 1921-1927 when he was a member of the first Albanian Parliament for two legislatures. The church, built according to the neoclassical style, small, but similar to other sisters in Italy, Poland, where he studied or elsewhere in Europe, lived and even survived after the ideological atheist "earthquake" of 1967, when many churches also collapsed older ones.


The city of Basanias rests on a hill with a length of about 1000 meters, where it is also thought as the main extent of Basania. The name of this hill is somewhat interesting, as it is "called" by the popular name "Buzët e nëpërkës" (some also call it Buzët e Gjarpërit).

Barbullushi Church

The first church of the Albanian lands has been rediscovered, this object belonging to the century. XIV. This building is the first church in Albanian territory and the first Christian mission in Albania served in it. This was the first cathedral of the diocese of Shkodra. The importance of this Church is evidenced by two archbishops Monsignor Pjetër Mazreku archbishop of Tivar and Monsignor Orsini bishop of Lezha where it remained under their care for 10 years. According to the writings, in 1654 the church of St. Stephen in Barbullush became the first seat of the bishop of Shkodra Monsignor Pjetër Bogdani who stayed for 17 years. According to the data, the church of Saint Shtjefni received the last biggest blow from the magnitude 9 earthquake of June 1, 1905 in Barbullush.


Gardenland-Koman-Shala River