Near on the slope, where the whole field was “washed”with an eyesight, it was built 100 and a few years ago; around 1906 it was designed and started by the then parish priest, Dom Ndre Mjeda. He spent thirty years of his life there, writing and polishing his lyrics and sounds, pearls of Albanian literature, there he wrote the poems “The Dream of Life”, “Lissus”, “Shkodra” wrote Albanian language books for students; correspondence with Gustav Meyer and other European linguists and friends of his. He resided and served there with the priest’s garment throughout 1921-1927 when he was a deputy of the first Albanian Parliament for two legislatures.
The church, built in a neoclassical style, small but similar to other congregations in Italy, Poland, where he studied or elsewhere in Europe, lived and even survived the 1967 atheistic ideological “earthquake” when many churches collapsed.

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